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Apprenticeships, Internships, &



We serve the church by resourcing and mentoring current students, interns, and apprentices who will pursue vocational or convocational ministry


We help mobilize nextgen leaders through scholarships, internships, and apprenticeships. We invite them to help us grow and adapt to the needs of the newer generations. 

Meet Many of the Apprentices, Interns and Scholarship Recipients

In our last ten years, we have been able to both encourage and support men and women to grow in their skills as gospel leaders, through partnering with campus ministries (such as Reformed University Fellowship and others) and with local churches, allowing these individuals to learn practical ministry skills within the Hispanic community. HLI has raised and given over $650,000 in scholarships, internships and paid apprenticeships.

Arnold Lavaire

Pastoral Intern-

Iglesia Hispana Sycamore

Arnold and Jesse Lavaire have now been in Richmond, VA, serving and working part-time as a professional counselor as a Church Planting Pastoral Intern at Iglesia Hispana Sycamore. During that time,  Arnold has been licensed by the James River Presbytery (PCA)


Joshua Valdez

HLI Apprentice

Joshua has completed his second year of a Master of Divinity degree program at Reformed Theological Seminary, Dallas campus, and is preparing for beginning his third year. HLI has been assisting Joshua with his RTS tuition.


Gabriel Garcia

HLI Apprentice

Gabriel decided that he wanted to be an intern for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) because he wanted to tell students at the University of Houston about Jesus. Gabriel has now completed his two-year RUF internship and felt God's call to ministry. He has since enrolled in an M-Div degree program at Reformed Theological Seminary.


Kimmy Mota

RUF Staff

Kimmy was a part of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) all four years of college and took on multiple roles throughout her four semesters. Kimmy wanted to continue serving RUF in Houston and decided to serve as a two-year RUF intern. She has sensed God's call to continued campus ministry and has been accepted as a permanent RUF Staff member at the University of Houston campus.


Alberto Paredes

Intern- Christ Covenant,

Charlotte, NC

Alberto and Laura Paredes came to Charlotte, NC, in 2019. Alberto just completed his third year of a Master of Divinity degree with a church planting emphasis, and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree. Laura graduated from RTS in May

with a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling degree. Alberto interns at Christ Covenant PCA, and is assisting José Portillo at the Vive Charlotte church plant.  Alberto has written and published numerous articles, series, and sermons for Spanish-speaking people.

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David Trejos

Intern- Vive Charlotte

 David has served in pastoral ministry for over 25 years as a ministry worker, and then as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church of Colombia. He graduated from Seminario Teologico Reformado in Colombia. Now he is finishing his Master’s degree from Southern Baptist Seminary. He is currently serving with Vive Charlotte Church, in Charlotte, NC, helping bring the gospel message to the fast-growing Hispanic community in North Carolina. 


Paty Glory

RUF Intern

Paty holds a Bachelors degree in Spanish with a minor in ESL. She wants to work with college students to guide them in finding refuge in God as well as help students have an intimate relationship with God. Paty has just completed her first year of a two-year internship with Reformed University Fellowship at the University of Texas in San Antonio, TX.


Rachel Rubio

RUF Intern

Rachel graduated Georgia Southern University (GSU) with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Spanish, making her and her brother the first in their family to graduate from college. She has just completed her first year of a two-year internship with Reformed University Fellowship at New Mexico State University (NMSU), Las Cruces, NM. Rachel is excited to serve as a Latina because of a lacking presence of minorities in RUF ministry. Rachel hopes to explore this issue within the Church while she serves at NMSU.


Multiplicadores Initiative

After ten years of work on the ground, we have begun working with different pastors to create local “multiplicadores” initiatives.  These trainings are helping to grow and develop Hispanic gospel leaders with credibility amongst their communities. We are seeking to create, deploy, and provide support to local churches to partner with other local churches in order to multiply the training of disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Campus Connection

HLI encourages Hispanic men and women to gain practical ministry experience through apprenticeships and internships within local churches or internships on campuses through Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) or other campus ministries, and by connecting them with area cohorts. This allows HLI to support them through prayer, coaching, financial support, and networking with others who are already involved in daily ministry within the Hispanic community.


Renew with

Click Below to Read more about how we practice renewing the spiritual, physically, and mentally through retreats. 

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