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10 Years of Impact


Join us for the Next Ten Years

Ten Years of Impact

HLI has been at work for the last ten years and we cannot wait to see God's continued impact! We have witnessed much fruit in growing new gospel leaders across States and beyond. 

We hope that you partner with us in prayer as we prepare to continue this work for then next ten years!

Meet Our Team

Meet the members that make up HLI's 

Board of Directors by clicking below

Apprenticeships, Interns, & Scholarships

We belive in mentoring students, interns and apprentices to equip tomorrow's leaders through education and practical experience. 

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Our Mission & Vision

Multiplication. Renewal.


Our focus for the next ten years includes Gospel Leader multiplication, Gospel Leader Renewal, and Gospel-Leader Mobilization. HLI will carry this focus out with the Mission and Vision God has given us.

Click below to read the Mission and Vision of HLI that will guide us through the next ten years! 

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HLI Leadership Retreats

Click here to read more about how HLI strives to bring renewal through Leadership Retreats.

Donate to HLI

Read about the various ways your gift of giving can impact lives

"Our mission is to channel Kingdom resources to develop and deploy Hispanic Gospel Leaders..."


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