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Developing Future Gospel Leaders


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We help leaders and churches develop new generations of native Hispanic leaders and local congregations. 


Multiplicadores Initiative

After ten years of work on the ground, we have begun working with different pastors to create local “multiplicadores” initiatives.  These trainings are helping to grow and develop Hispanic gospel leaders with credibility amongst their communities.

We are seeking to create, deploy, and provide support to local churches to partner with other local churches in order to multiply the training of disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Training & Mentorship

This training and mentorship in Spanish guides the students through five key areas of leadership.

This training is provided to churches and mentors are assigned to help them launch discipleship multiplication sites in their local communities.

Our pilot program has served over 8 churches and is now supporting three sites in El Salvador and Colombia.

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Renew with

Click below to read more about how we practice renewing spiritually, physically, and mentally through retreats. 

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