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HLI + Retreats

Spiritual Nourishment. Rest. Fun.


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We help current Hispanic leaders obtain and pursue ongoing ministry renewal for themselves, their families, and their visions for ministry. We want renewal for the heart, soul, & mind.  

HLI wants to see Gospel-Leader Renewal: Our goal is to expand our hosting of low cost retreats that seel to bring gospel renewal to leaders and their families.

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Why Retreats?

For those whom God has called to lead His church, the work is both rewarding and demanding. For many who lead Hispanic churches, the work oftentimes requires personal sacrifices, time-wise, family-wise, and financially.


From its inception in 2012, HLI recognized that in order to bolster a movement of reaching Hispanics in the United States with the gospel, we must identify potential new Hispanic leaders, feed, care for, and encourage those who are already leading, and gather the greater community of believers who desire to see this cause succeed. What better way to do this than at a HLI Leadrship Retreat?

HLI Retreats are designed for

Gathering. Challenging. Building. Resting. Having Fun. 

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Gathering together with other members of Christ's body to worship God through song, prayer, and the preaching of His word.


Challenging one another from God’s Word to reflect on God’s calling upon their lives.


Building up one another as they meet, fellowship, and share experiences and testimonies with each other.


Resting from the demands of ministry by coming away to a quiet place, where God can speak to the heart through the songs of birds and the magnificence of His creation.

Having Fun

Having fun, playing games together, chatting around the campfire, shooting hoops, or flying down a zipline.

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Click below to give to HLI. Your support of HLI's national efforts to train Hispanic leaders for Christ's Church will make a life-changing difference.

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